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  Moiz 在 (2013/12/3 23:57:54)
  hi. sir whats the procedure to get Marka and u have fly cargo facility ?

  Azfar Baig 在 (2013/9/18 14:19:02)
  Its my first cargo from gul traders. I hope Gul traders provide us best service so that we can regularly start working with them. Kind Regards

  吴小辉 在 (2013/9/13 12:59:58)
  We have machine to send to Pak

  Hassan 在 (2013/9/11 2:38:19)
  Masha Allah -- Mr Shareen provides very nice , efficient , honest service and also helps in transferring funds . Gul Trader company gives us buyers a trouble free and prompt service and I recommend their shipping services to any one in Pakistan wishing to import goods from China . I hope the guys at Gul Trader co keep up their good name and I wish them all the success .... kind regards hassan . lhr .

  Xiaoyu 在 (2011/5/26 14:52:53)
  If you need to get you through the container cargo shipped to Pakistan, will need to how? About the cost?

  Xiaoyu 在 (2011/5/26 14:50:06)

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